1. yeah, we all know what you guys did in the photobooth, proof or otherwise

  2. if you say so


  3. i’d like to say I’m just unfollowing people for their attitudes on TS4, but I don’t even plan on refollowing them once it dies down. My opinion of these people tanked when I saw how childish they can be over a VIDEO GAME.

    Like, I don’t even care about your legacies, stories, and deco any more. Not with that attitude.

  5. yeah, good job Elaine.

  6. The saga of Charlie (who was later accidentally deleted in a frenzy of redecorating RIP Charlie)

  7. Mizz Bizz[ness major]

  8. dabuschckah:

    <excited beeping>

    this isn’t at all related to the sims (yet!) but I finally learned how to gif yesterday and I would love to make sims related ones in the future? If you have any suggestions please hit me up!


  9. blissful-indigo replied to your post: "oh my goddd they messed up all the pr…

    I just feel like if you don’t like the premade Don or any other character’s personality, you can just remake them with the traits you want. At the end of the day, it’s just a game.

    I think that’s what people need to remember. It is a GAME. You play it for fun. If you do not find it fun, you do something else.

    [I quite enjoy having Don live out the rest of his days in celibacy, hanging out with cats in his veggie garden.]


  10. ddeathflower replied to your post: "oh my goddd they messed up all the pr…

    It really pisses me off when i’m trying to be excited about the game I pre-ordered and about 100% of my dash is a shitstorm of whinging about the game not being exactly the same as it’s predecessors.

    For the most part, I try not to get too hyped over games before they come out, and only really judge them when I play them (a lesson learned from getting WAY HYPED over Dishonored, picking it up, absolutely hating it and being super bummed) and it kills me when people totally trash games that they haven’t played or, in the case of TS4, aren’t even completed yet. Sure, they’re cutting features (probably due to issues they don’t currently have the time to fix before release—things that might even come as a FREE update later on—point being, we don’t know) that will probably be out in future packs, and sure it is a bit tedious that every game has ten expansions. But in a game as huge and varied as the Sims, that comes in handy—you can pick and choose what you want. [[I personally find toddlers and babies tedious in the Sims for the same reason as in real life—they’re sticky and loud and get NOTHING DONE]]

    But the huge issue I’m having is the tagging of these posts—don’t tag your fucking hate! That’s a major rule of tumblr etiquette that is generally well followed in other circles. If you must complain about a game you haven’t even played, please give it a unique tag and leave it out of the main TS4 tags, because your entitled bitching shouldn’t get in the way of the excitement of others.

    tl;dr: if you don’t like TS4 go back to your precious TS2 or TS3, just stop pissing on the parade of those who are looking forward to the game.